It’s time to succeed with purpose.

Business coaching tailored for you. Proven. To the point.

You have a vision. Let’s make that vision a reality …. starting today!!!

Simple Plan for Success

Practical Approach
Designed For You

Achievable Results

Things aren’t going the way you anticipated?

Business is Declining

Revenue is decreasing, profit is declining.  Is this a trend for your business?


Your team struggles with overlapping tasks, distractions, chaos.  Is your team as productive as they should be.



You feel like you work so hard for your business to succeed.  You feel it’s unfair to work so hard with few victories.

Not Confident

You really just aren’t sure the future will look like you envisioned.

It’s time to take action! Today!

An experienced business coach with a track record of success can get you on a path to success.

Having an objective different set of eyes and ears will clear the fog, reveal issues, and present a positive plan for your prosperity.


We coach with purpose.  That means that you will not be fed theory but a simple achievable plan of action steps that will result in short-term wins.  


You want results, right?  Every conversation will be focussed on you achieving positive prosperous results.


We are leaders in the business coaching community.  We have the experience, the education, and many resources to rely on that have helped many clients succeed the way you want to.

3 Steps to Your Vision Becoming A Reality

Hit Schedule a Conversation

Chat with Jim on the areas of your business you believe need attention

Start on your path to Success

Strategic Coaching Designed for You.

Jim Jensen is a Licensed Business Coach with StoryBrand Business Made Simple. Jim will work with you on the strategic needs of your business to make that vision you have a reality.

Strategic Coaching Program

Your coaching program will be designed solely for your tailored needs for today and tomorrow. Coaching can include time addressing your mission, leadership, sales techniques, your productivity and much much more. Take the Business MRI to find out where we can help.

Strategic Services

Jim’s 20+ years in strategic success will translate to success for you.  Strategic services can include programs that will: alleviate economic changes, improve customer loyalty, to improving internal culture and problem-solving results.  Let’s make a plan for your success today.

We’ve been there.

We’ve owned our own businesses. We have leadership experience in virtually every business sector including large corporate, medium-sized enterprises, sole proprietorships, franchises, utilities, not-for-profits.

Creating a great business requires great work. With all the distractions around us, it is easy to get off track. Let Strategic Coaching Canada work with you to clear the fog and build that great business you have always had a vision for.

A business with purpose will prosper forever.

Is your business positioned for growth?

Take our 10-minute Business MRI test to diagnose the health of your business. You’ll discover any barriers (or accelerators!) to achieving the growth you deserve.